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Bird Better comes to Utah

We are going back to where the idea for Avocet Birding Courses was germinated. The “A” in stems from the American Avocets that were literally in our neighborhood when my wife and I lived in Utah just a few short years ago. We lived two minutes from the Eccles Wildlife Education Center where this event will be hosted and it’s exciting to be going back to my old stomping ground to teach my Bird Better workshop.

I will be giving the Bird Better workshop in conjunction with the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival ( The workshop is part of the pre-festival festivities, so it will be given Monday May 9th-Wednesday May 11th, just before the start of the festival on May 12th. Come enjoy celebrate the peak of migration with an entire week of birds and learning by pairing the Bird Better workshop with the GSLBF.

This event is being held in a narrow band of land squeezed between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. It serves both as a funnel for migrating birds and is a concentrating factor for breeding birds. The show of Phalaropes, Cinnamon Teal, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, American Avocets, and Long-billed Curlews is unparalleled. I guarantee you will have a great time, see some great birds, and probably learn a bit as well. Join the fun!

If you are interested drop me a message:

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