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Birding Vacations

UPDATE: In the era of COVID we are proceeding with caution on our Birding Vacations. We want to ensure we can deliver the experience we promise and in the rapidly changing situation we currently are experiencing, that ability is somewhat diminished. Check back with us to see our future offerings. Be assured that when we do have Birding Vacations that the experience will be safe, vetted, and joyful, and not stressful.  We can however still do private trips under some circumstances. If you have a dream location you would like to explore we can arrange the experience you are looking for. Contact us at


ABC’s small group Birding Vacations focus more on enjoying birds and learning more about them than on rushing around to accumulate the largest list possible. If you came back from your latest tour, and while you had a great time, cannot immediately bring to mind distinct memories that move you, try a trip with us to see if a Birding Vacation suits your style more than the chaotic whirlwind of a traditional birding tour.

We take time at the spots we visit and let the locations soak into our hearts and minds. Our Birding Vacations are in a rush to enjoy the moment and the opportunities in front of us instead of the typical rush for whatever is next, failing to revel in the now. The pace and structure of the Birding Vacation makes it an ideal trip for partners where one person is an avid birder while the other is a nonbirder or more casual birder. We don’t run many Birding Vacations, but each one we do will be special.

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