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Our Approach

Avocet Birding Courses offers workshops and tours that reexamine the standard narrative of how birders identify birds and offers an alternative approach based on cognitive psychology. This approach aims to make learning birds faster and more fun, reducing frustration in the bargain. The basis for learning a subject is understanding it, and by understanding how our brains actually see and identify birds we can begin to streamline and improve our learning process. In doing so, we gain greater appreciation for birds and gain even more joy in watching them.

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Learn Faster

Our workshops mix indoor discussion sections with lots of time in the field to highlight and drive the principals we teach home. The workshops are designed to be a space where everyone learns and is encouraged to contribute. We don’t just rehash field marks that can be found in a field guide; instead we do things a bit differently while still imparting many of the shortcuts expert birders use to rapidly reach correct identifications. The workshops are both a celebration of what the human mind can do as well as a celebration of birds. Join us!

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